The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

A simple and powerful tool to attract exactly what you want! But you need to be careful that your thoughts are positive allowing good things to come to you because the law of attraction works with negative thoughts also and you could end up manifesting things that you didn’t ask for. Thoughts = things.


4 TOP TIPS to do the Law of Attraction the right way….

1. Only positive thoughts! You can never use the Law of Attraction if your frame of mind is at all negative as you will only achieve bad results.

2. Know exactly what you want and make sure you are clear when you request this! You can not be uncertain otherwise you wont get the desires you want from the universe.

3. The more focused you are the quicker the results but if your want/goal is a big one then change it to a small goal that you can build on or smaller goals in stages.

4. Solely think about the outcome/end result of what you want and the universe will get you there the fastest way. The end result is what you need to focus on!

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